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Innovation and Safeguarding AI Assets:

The Crucial Role of Intellectual Property in Fintech Evolution


Despoina Farmaki, Kalliopi Letsiou


Keywords: intellectual property, IP, Fintech, IP strategy, finance

Fintech, the use of technology in finance, revolutionises the financial services landscape, with startups and tech giants disrupting traditional financial services through innovative products and services. Intellectual Property (IP) protection emerges as a critical concern for Fintech entities seeking to optimise commercial value and formulate effective digital transformation strategies. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets play pivotal roles in safeguarding Fintech innovations, with a nuanced evaluation of patent eligibility for computer-implemented inventions. Copyright protects software, trademarks establish brand identities, and trade secrets safeguard confidential business information. Considerable uncertainty remains in legal systems around the world as to the extent of protection afforded to Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. A comprehensive IP strategy, combining these mechanisms, is vital for navigating the intricate Fintech landscape, ensuring sustainable innovation and competitiveness. This article also explores the nascent area of inquiry regarding the influence of IP rights on Fintech innovation and emphasises the importance of a global IP strategy aligned with market needs.
Keywords: intellectual property; IP; Fintech; IP strategy; finance

Dr Despoina Farmaki, Lecturer in Internet Law at Brunel University London, Lecturer at Brunel Pathway College, FHEA, United Kingdom. Kalliopi Letsiou, PhD Candidate in Financial Law and AI at Brunel University London, AFHEA and Researcher at Cambridge Centre of Alternative Finance, Cambridge SupTech Lab, United Kingdom. For correspondence: <> and <>.


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