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Psychological Patterns and Article 5 of the AI Act:

AI-Powered Deceptive Design in the System Architecture and the User Interface


Mark Leiser

DOI https://doi.org/10.21552/aire/2024/1/4

Keywords: dark patterns, deceptive design, psychological manipulation, regulation, harm

The article emphasises the urgency of addressing the risks posed by AI-powered deceptive design strategies intricately woven into online platforms. These ‘psychological patterns’ mislead users into making decisions contrary to their intentions, exploiting psychological vulnerabilities. The article also critically examines the complex interplay between AI-powered deceptive design and legislative responses, mainly focusing on Article 5 of the European Union's AI Act. It underscores the importance of safeguarding user autonomy in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Thus, the article discusses the dynamics of psychological manipulation, the need for effective regulation via Article 5, and the critical importance of maintaining user autonomy amidst technological advances in AI.
Keywords: dark patterns; deceptive design; psychological manipulation; regulation; harm

Dr M.R. Leiser (Mark), Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute, VU-Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For correspondence: <mailto:m.r.leiser@vu.nl>.


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