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An Agile Approach to the EU AI Act Ecosystem


Nelly Stratieva


Keywords: EU AI Act, agile, better regulation

An agile approach to the EU AI Act and its surrounding ecosystem of hard and soft law can promote more dynamic AI governance in the EU. Agile has powered the rise of AI; it originates from the field of software development and is a style of working that embraces change and brings fast, tangible value to stakeholders through iterative product development. In this opinion I highlight two challenges that the AI Act faces and discuss how an agile mindset can be applied to mitigate their negative effects. I advocate that the AI Act ecosystem can, and should, be improved in iterations based on real-life testing, informed by the EU’s own Better Regulation toolbox and international best practices in innovative, agile regulation.
Keywords: EU AI Act; agile; better regulation

Nelly Stratieva, LLM, CIPP/E, PhD candidate, Europa Institute, Leiden University, The Netherlands and Head of Editorial Department, Lexxion Publisher, Berlin, Germany. For correspondence: <>.


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